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Above you see a corner of his office; the glass was a later addition (originally canvas was used in place of glass for the ‘windows’. The vibe this place offers is like no other! Today the university offers more than 50 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in fields of business management, engineering and information and technology. These websites provide information on the latest trends, technology, cost-saving energy solutions and much more. I wanted to wet your appetite with these gorgeous photographs from the book by photographer Eric Sander before sharing with you my own detail snapshots and information about this extraordinary house in later posts. The most impressive detail of the space is the railing itself. An Interior designer is a profile where the designer helps in planning and decorating the interior of any residential or commercial space. The interior window below to the right opens into an interior room: the morning room. Lutyens commonly designed such interior windows into his residential projects; supposedly so children could watch the festivities during parties! Data was generated with GSA Content Generator Demoversion.

The main staircase at the British Embassy was designed by Lutyens to awe all visitors and make a grand statement. The main stair-hall has a very ‘on trend’ gallery of stunning prints from the UK Government Art Collection. So much to take in; the railing, the stone stair, gallery wall. Take a dip in the sparkling outdoor pool, try billiards on the antique table inside, linger around the rooms admiring the murals and antiques, or have a hit of tennis on the private court. Be sure to plan your seaside honeymoon in this gorgeous marvel to have the most memorable first trip with your spouse. One should check on the accreditation status of the school before applying as new architecture schools cannot have NAAB accreditation until the first professional class graduates. I pass this famous structure by one of my favorite architects, Edwin Lutyens, weekly but had never been behind the iron gates.

Great civilizations leave behind great architecture. Above to the left you see the architecture studio (still in use by students )with his own house / quarters to the right. Another piece of Asian art incorporated into the landscape above. I just fell in love with the desert landscape and can see the draw for Wright. While on the topic, architects and designers love to roll their eyes at the name of Wright partly because he has become such an (overblown) icon. Wright may not be the ONLY great architect but he certainly was one of the most important designers of the 20th century. I loved the cascade of the lower risers which leads one to a short landing and the cloak rooms. Symmetry and classical design reign on the exterior; a rather quiet facade gradually gives way to grandeur as one enters the residence. Architectural engineering is the use of enginnering within architectural means aka for the use of building design and construction. Across the way is the brightly coloured Templeton Business Centre with a design closely based on the Doges Palace in St Mark’s Square in Venice.

There are many other platform available that can provide data-driven analysis which can help in fetching the precise insights and empower decision makers to drive business operations. Mrs. Wright strung the uncharacteristic Christmas lights along the ceiling but they are a nice touch. The room also boasts this intriguing ceiling and coved lights. The ladies cloak room off the stairhall features Fornasetti’s very stylish ‘Teatro’ wallpaper -manufactured by a very British company naturally, Cole his son was a Hollywood agent and his granddaughter was Anne Baxter! Additionally, you of course can also experience fun adventures like in this Hollywood movie ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’. The enormous tank is filled with sea creatures that you can find almost anywhere in the world. And here we see Wright’s favorite view in the world of Paradise Valley down to Scottsdale (until the power lines were installed!).